Respect for others – the lot of a free man

Podberesky Igor Vitalyevich, doctor of Philology, leading researcher, IMEMO ran.Causes considerable surprise that when discussing important issues concerning the values of life, personal and group ideology, faith and religion many contending parties allow themselves much of what by definition is not consistent with the claimed their principles of communication between people, tact, decency, love and respect. To some extent this also applies to Christian believers. In their disputes very often high cursing the parties implicitly assume that he (the party) was able to make convincing arguments for his point of view. While expressing the belief that if your opponent has a little more intellect and integrity, he certainly would have recognized their mistake. If the whole problem is that in bad faith malicious people subject to mandatory disclosure. Sorry, the content of many of the speeches often comes down to exposure and reproof that are so loved in Russia.In discussions between believers, it looks like this: here I am with my set of quotations from the Bible, and here you are with your - let's fight. Читать полностью -->

The Christian and the state

Konstantin TeteriatnikovWe live in challenging times. We see the crisis in all spheres of human life. The current situation offers us many problems in society. Today's Ukrainian society is facing another political choice, again another roundabout and throwing from side to side. Another accusations and lies. The lies that flooded all... Читать полностью -->

To proclaim unashamedly

Lonicki PeterEleven-year-old boy is surrounded by two guards, his head bowed. Judging by their appearance - a tramp, a child of the streets. Right in front of him is a woman. Waving hands in front of the pouting face poverty, she tries to explain something, or to prove in pretty rough shape. I can hear her hysterically exasperated voice:Yes you dipshit. You understand that you rot and filth, 'm trashy our society? Look at me! Hear I tell you? Look mother in the eye! The woman grabbed the child by the hair, lifted his head. Читать полностью -->

The business climate of Moscow is named the worst among the major cities of Russia

Russia participates in the global ranking of Doing Business (Doing business) world Bank and in 29 was ranked 12th among 183 countries. However, the country's ranking in the study determines the capital, and, as it turned out, at the world Bank believe that the business climate in Moscow is the worst in Russia's large cities, writes "Kommersant".In the first subnational Doing business in Russia 29, commissioned by the Ministry of regional development, the world Bank investigated ten cities, where the environmental quality is measured by four indicators: starting a business, registering property, obtaining construction permits and trading across borders."To do business easier in Kazan, Tver, Petrozavodsk. The hardest thing to start and conduct business in Voronezh and Moscow", - the authors of the study.The business environment in the capital, representing the Russian Federation in the global rating was the worst on indicators of international trade and obtaining construction permits, ease of setting up a company and registering property Moscow took the eighth and seventh places.The Kazan ahead of the other nine cities on the level of the enabling environment for doing business, due to the relatively high efficiency of procedures for company creation and registration of ownership.However, entrepreneurs from Kazan are not so optimistic about the business environment in the city, as researchers from the world Bank. Many believe that ease business procedures in Tatarstan - a consequence of well-functioning administrative resources for "friends". "In Kazan I am personally very difficult. Maybe because I'm single, I have no support administrative resource", - said General Director of investment company "Alimta" Zakia shafikova."Best city for business in Russia - Samara. Читать полностью -->


W. HENRIKSEN, JACKSONAbsorbed in reading the New Testament, you will find that his books are divided mainly into two kinds - narrative and expository (edifying, instructing). (Most of the Revelations of the Gospels and can be categorized as prophetic books). Narrative of the New Testament traces the life of the Lord Jesus in the four Gospels and the history of Apostolic Church in the Book of Acts. The Epistles, or letters, mostly written for the purpose of edification of the members of these first churches in the basics of the Christian life.Studying the instructive part of the New Testament, you will see that the author first establishes the truth, and then tells about a specific event that is the consequence of this assertion. For example, the New Testament teaches that because Jesus rose from the dead that He is the Son of God. Читать полностью -->

What is not worth saving

Michael ShanksGood and bad, when a lot of money. Well, because all missing. Bad because you get used to spend mindlessly on things not quite right and things do not really need. When money becomes less and all is not enough, people inevitably begin reassessment - refuse secondary, luxury, lewdness. The crisis is a "moment of truth" for man, which turns out real values and principles, cleaned the core, the essence of personality.Many make a terrible discovery. So in the course of a terrible joke about the conversation of a child with a father who has lost his job: "Daddy, can you now would be to drink less?", "No, son, now you will eat less". Читать полностью -->

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